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Play is the center of a child's universe!

Play Therapy is a scientific/therapeutic approach that’s been around for over 100 years. Play Therapy is typically used with children ages 5-12. It's a unique kind of therapy because it allows the child to be just that! This hands on model incorporates the body and mind through expressive arts, dance, play and more. Parents are often brought in alongside with the child throughout sessions especially when starting out so that the child feels they are apart of the family system all working and learning together. If your family is experiencing a new transition this would be a great time to begin play therapy. Children often struggle to regulate their emotions and thoughts effectively during major transitions, especially moving houses, divorce, and grief or loss. If you think about it... emotion regulation is a major challenge for most adults durring high-stress times so think about how lost your child must feel! The good news is our clinicians are highly skilled at identifying important themes and working with the entire family to help provide the words to these BIG feelings. 

Contact us today to learn more about beginning play therapy with your child with one of our qualified therapists. 

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