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My name is Brooke 

Walking alongside you in your journey is an honor and one that I take very seriously. With that said, I enjoy making therapy fun so that it's not something you dread or avoid. My clients and I laugh and find small moments to just be present. 

I specialize in three things: Christian Counseling, trauma, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Let me break those things down!

As a Christian counselor, my biggest desires are for you to feel safe exploring your spirituality, healing your hurts, and  understanding how you want to move forward. Many clients come to me because we have similar values and they can trust that I will counsel them with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. That being said, I want to be a safe therapist for everyone who comes to me, so no Bible thumping or religious shame here whatsoever. In fact, people of all beliefs enjoy coming to see me! I want to meet you wherever you're at spiritually. 

Trauma. We all have it. Those of us who have the most usually downplay it the most. You might have been through counseling before and it didn't feel like it helped because the therapist just listened. Tip for you: I'm not great at JUST listening and just listening doesn’t always help. My desire is to help you heal, meet your goals, and move ON from whatever has kept you stuck. This is great for clients with high motivation. 

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.) is THE GREATEST tool in my toolbox. It is a highly effective, collaborative model that does the work of 1-2 years of talk therapy in 5-10 sessions. WHAT?! 5-10 sessions? YEP!

If I could save you time and money, why wouldn't I? The other great component about this tool is you don't have to share private details that might bring shame, embarrassment, or fear. You are able to be as selective as you want with what you share when doing A.R.T.  If you want, quick, powerful relief from your problem, this is IT.

Here’s some quick background information on me. I got my bachelor’s degree from University of North Georgia in psychology with a sociology minor. I graduated with my Master’s in Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University which taught me how to be a therapist but also how to filter everything we know about psychology and counseling theory through God’s Word. I have seven years of professional experience, an old soul, and a young heart. If I’m the right fit for you, I can’t wait to meet you! 


  • University of North Georgia, Bachelor Psychology

  • Liberty University, MA Professional Counseling

  • Licensed Professional Counselor through the State of Georgia: LPC011780

  • Certification in A.R.T.


Brooke Harris
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