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"We tend to not see depression in men because the disorder itself is considered unmanly"

Society tells us that as a man you must be strong, certain, bold and powerful. If you are a guy between the ages of 18-65, you've likely heard the statement: "Why can't you just man up?" At Cardinal Counseling Group, we believe that only you can decide what it means to be a man. 

The issue with the patriarchal paradigm developed by our ancestors is that it creates this idea that you can individually face any challenge life throws at you as long as you are "strong enough". Being a man doesn't mean that you should have the innate capability to power through any obstacle you might face. The aim of our approach to tackling the unique struggles that men face is to provide you with the tools needed to navigate life during all its peaks and valleys.


In relationships, the mentality that a man should be rigid and tough can often lead to a defeated and dissatisfied partner. Having a relational life means living with your partner, not powering over them. 

Mens issues applies to any man, husband, father, brother, or son that is struggling to realize how best to fit into their roles. Whether you need help with your purpose, developing healthy coping skills, managing your anger, or vocalizing your emotions, we can help. 


Additional resources:

Terry Real (founder of Relational Life Therapy), "I Don't Want To Talk About It." 

Season of Life: A football start, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood, by Jeffrey Marx

Atomic Habits, An Easy Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones- James Clear

You're Going To Be A Dad!: The New Dad's Guide To Pregnancy and The First Year of Fatherhood: Daddilife Books

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